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Please note the following protocols at Tall Timbers Tree Farm due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Please help us with these things so that our employees and their families remain well.

  • Before arriving - If anyone in your family has Covid-19 or has been exposed to the virus before your planned visit, we kindly ask that you not visit the farm until you are cleared by your physician.

  • Masks - We ask that you pack a mask for any family member who plans to enter the gift shop. The gift shop will be open only to customers wearing masks. Accidents happen. If you forget your mask, please visit the cashier window on the right side of the gift shop and request a mask, while supplies last.

  • When you arrive, we will have three areas to which you may proceed:
    • Coming for a pre-cut tree? Proceed to the tree lot under the lights where we will have our pre-cut Christmas trees.
    • Coming for a wreath or some garland? The big red barn will have our wreaths and garland.
    • Coming to have your tree cut in the field? Head to our Welcome Area, to the left of the barn, where you will go for directions for selecting your tree.

  • How do I find, choose, and cut my tree?
    We strongly encourage you to walk out to the field to choose your tree this year. This has been effective inn preventing heavy customer traffic and wait time. Signs will be posted in the fields and the greeter will send you in the correct direction. We will have a map on our website that you may follow on your smartphone. You will be assisted out in the field by our employees, who will cut down your tree for you and help you with your tree identification tag. You may then walk back to the barn while our employees bring your tree back for you.

    We may have very limited hay rides this year, depending upon employee availability. If you are able to walk, we encourage you to leave the hayrides for those with more challenges.

  • Where will I pay for my tree?
    This year you will have the option to "quick" pay at the gift shop window or pay in the gift shop. (You must wear a mask to enter the gift shop). You may pay by cash or credit card. There will be a $2 fee for credit card transactions.

  • Wreath Barn -
    The wreath barn will be open with wreaths and garland.

  • Gift Shop - At this time, we are planning to have the gift shop open to any customers wearing masks. We understand that this may seem like an inconvenience. If you forget your mask, please go to the gift shop window where we will give you a mask - while supplies last. Please cover both your nose and mouth. We would appreciate this very much.

    If the customer capacity in the gift shop becomes too high, we may limit the number of customers who can enter the gift shop until numbers lower.

    Please note that these plans may change without prior notice- whether we loosen or tighten our plan for opening the gift shop. Please call us at the gift shop at 269-463-5750 with any questions that you may have.

  • Please be sure to bring:
    1. Warm boots, coats, hats & mittens
    2. Masks for all who plan to enter the gift shop.
    3. Your patience - things may take a little longer this year to keep us all safe.

  • Please remember that this is a fluid and ever changing situation for us and all items are subject to change.

    We thank you in advance for helping us keep all of our customers and employees safe. We ALL look forward to a happy, healthy Christmas season.

    Thank you!
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